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Since our missionary training in June, we have been trying to get the hang of being missionaries in preparation for departure.

We've visited a few churches and talked to some of our closest friends about partnering with us financially. God has given us 11% of our projected budget for living abroad for 2 years.

Inspiring things have happened during this preparation.  Everytime we wholehearted commit to the Lord and follow through he blesses us. Little by little He is taking us where He wants us. Knowing that expels fear and doubt.

One of my closest friends heard upsetting news about Cameroon and asked if we'd go regardless of bad things. From the deepest part of my heart I felt a strong confidence in God's plan for us to go. There was no fear in my heart or mind. In the following days we received a monthly commitment of more than $150.00 to do what God called us to.   - Moriah T.

It has been hardest for me to let go of  my dog.
I know God will care for him because he did another amazing thing to communicate with me when I trusted Him to provide a way. When I pleaded with God and struggled with the thought of leaving him in the States he provided a family I trust to watch him.

I don't want to disappoint the people giving towards the ministry and praying by not being 100% devoted to the work and pursuit of Christ's command.

Therefore I'm having to leave behind my greatest joy in the States. I love animals so much but this animal is to me, what the little ewe lamb was to the poor man in Nathan's parable.
2 Samuel 12: 1- 5
I still struggle with this but the Holy Spirit is helping me.
                                                                         - Moriah T.

In September some of our closest friends, our most inspiring friends, left for Bolivia. We know God will make them successful because they have given their lives. They walk the walk!

I'm so grateful to them for training me in sharing the gospel and showing me that following the commands of Christ is "straight forward" and only as complicated as our flesh makes it.
Cliff & Judy ♡  - Moriah T.

I love my mama! Cliff & Judy know 
her as " Fried Chicken Queen" Haha.
As a teenager, I remember my friends requesting my mom make her special fried pork chops. Her best dish is Stewed Curry Chicken. When we depart for Cameroon I'll bring her red curry blend and make it when I'm missing her real bad.

When we told Mama about the decision it was emotional. It's always been mom and I... Later on she said, "I will be your first supporter!"

That's why being a mom is a hard job, you want to be your child's greatest support and see them succeed! A lot of hard work and tears goes into it!

Mom thank you for nurturing me, loving me and showing me how to be resilient.    - Moriah T.

My dad has been the best, he continues to teach me everything he knows. He wants the best for me. He helps me to be a good husband so one day I can be a good dad too. He hopes to have a grand-baby (granddaughter specifically) before we venture to the next chapter of our lives in Africa. My hope is that God's will be done in his life and give him peace. It must be difficult to be the parent of a missionary.

Until our departure, I will continue to spend time with him every chance I get. If he doesn't get tired of me, Haha!

We enjoyed our time on the range, target practice, we had some good shots in the heat of the day. Kevin T.

Our October trip to Swaziland is coming soon, really fast actually. Seems like just the other day we were there delivering food parcels to people in the Shiselweni region for Pasture Valley. 

King Maswati renamed the country, Eswanti. Nearly a year later and the people have been through a lot of changes in the nation since we last visited. We are eager to serve again.

In 2018 an awesome woman of God, Nilda brought us there. This year we are bringing Lisa with us! She desires to see  God's goodness  through the Southern part of Africa. She has waited for an opportunity like this for over 15 years! We are grateful that God provides when hearts are willing and receptive to His calling.  - Kevin T.

Moriah and I are excited to see the blog growing and many coming to encourage us. Our adventure is just beginning!

There is still time to jump on board with what God can do in your lives! Though we don't know how much time... Welcome God in daily and see how He Works!                   -  Kevin T.

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