Exile Night - Annual

We meet in secret after dusk as the persecuted church would. The windows are covered and what we do inside the building isn't for show. It's a precious and discreet time of fellowship.

You don't notice the weight of knowing no other Christian until you really are the only one. No one can know but the risk is worth it. I have the living Christ. I have forgiveness. I have connection to God. The one who made me, knows me and has good intentions for me.

Exile Night
Your invited to remember the body of Christ who cannot worship freely. We think of them, hear stories from them, and intercede on their behalf.

Schedule for 2019
Friday Night 8pm to 11pm
The night does not follow a stiff schedule but you can expect time for praying, singing, discussion, eating, true story reading. All material are from V.O.M.
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Photos from 2018 Exile Night






If you'd like more information, email iamn1hope@outlook.com

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