Details About Our Missionary Budget

We believe in 100% transparency!
Many have asked why is our budget goal for living and
serving in Cameroon so high?

Consider that we will be there for 2 years with no
income other than from the random donations and
monthly commitments of those who give out of their revenue.

Consider that the budget is not only for our living
expenses but also expenses related to ministry like
travel across the country and special projects.

Also keep in mind that we return to the states about every
4 years; humanly speaking without a home, car or job.

Monthly expenses are obtained by monthly commitments from individuals and churches during itineration
Personal allowance

Cost of living adjustment 

Housing (rent/utilities)
($1,050.00 + 15.3% taxes ) +$1240.00


Liability insurance (vehicle)

Newsletter & communication 

Internet access

Total personal allowance
Taxes (15.3%)

Office contribution (5%)

Total check per month
*Deposited for us to distribute & manage

Medical insurance premium

Medical ins-social security assistance 

Personal property insurance

Foreign tax fund

Collision insurance 

Monthly “in-house” transfers
*In-house deductions & managed by AG

Office support

team/work expenses

Language Study

Children’s Schooling

Contingency for future inflation 3% per year)

Administrative fund (5%)

Monthly overseas costs

Overall Total monthly budget

Personal allowance
tithe, food, clothing, entertainment, personal travel 
Cost of living 
formulated to help cover the difference between the cost of living in the states & the country of assignment
Transport allowance 
Personal & work related 
Newsletter, Communication & Internet
cost of communicating with partners while on the field and newsletter costs internet is apart of this cost as well
15.3% quarterly taxes to the IRS on our behalf
Office contribution SAME THING
5% A small tithe to AGWM fellowship from our personal allowance (as your tithe would go to your home church)
Administrative fund SAME THING
5% fee to assist in office cost and running AGWM
Medical ins-social security assistance
Income tax medical 
cushion for future inflation, unexpected costs or dropped support from partners

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